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Watch the Drift King shake down his newly built AE Established inthis Suzuka based tuning company has been turning out some pretty awesome cars over the years. Tsuchiya Keiichi praised the chassis of the Z33 for being more than capable of handling the vast power to the point where it was better than the R34 GT-R itself.

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Buying an already fast car is one thing if you have the money, but it's just another fast car. Some lucky automotive journalist already took it out to a track and recorded what it was capable of. When you roll up to the burger stand people can quote your car stats back at you and then give you three or four options for a car that can do it better, and have you heard of this new one coming out that's supposed to blow everyone away?

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Living the fast life in fast cars — Import Tuner delivers the best import cars from the show, motorsport and underground scenes. Started inImport Tuner built its reputation documenting the best rides, tech and models of aftermarket car culture around the world. Featuring everything from Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi and much more, we cover every type of project build: from street and show cars, to full-blown race-only track monsters, as well as event coverage that encompasses meets, shows and track events, both established and grassroots.

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After close to two decades since the release of the original The Fast and the Furiousthe movie that exposed countless Americans to Japanese tuner culture for the first time, the value of the marques and models for that film are on the rise, yielding enormous returns for early investors, and superb opportunities for tuner car collectors. According to ClassicCars. The rise in popularity can be attributed the teenagers who experienced the film in theaters back in are just now beginning to be able to afford car collections of their own, and are gravitating, like most people do, to the cars of their youth. In the interest of exploring the vintage Japanese tuner car market, here is a list of the cars made famous in The Fast and the Furious.

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The Japanese car manufacturing giants recognised this and lived up to the demand by producing cars that were not only massively advanced but somehow managed to personify this wave of confidence and prosperity that Japan was enjoying. It is only now when we look back at this period we can begin to appreciate just how good some of these cars truly are, not just back then but right now. Nowadays with emissions standards, safety regulations and a quest to make everything hybrid or eco friendly we are unlikely to ever see cars like these again.

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Car tuning is the modification of the performance. Most vehicles stay stock for an average driver's expectations and conditions, although tuning has become a way to personalize the characteristics of a vehicle to the owner's preference. Cars may be altered to provide better fuel economy, produce more power, or provide better handling and driving.

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Already has seen its fair share of aftermarket goodness everywhere from the U. If you thought the standard M2 was powerful enough… think again. Lightweight Performance out of Germany decided to swap out the standard six-cylinder engine in place of a more powerful S55 engine off an M3.

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Once again, this feels like a poison chalice, as not every car can make a slide showcase. First up? The Far Eastern E-type…. Whisper it, but we reckon the Toyota GT is prettier than the Jag.

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In List Articles. The car industry in Japan was established in when the first company Hatsudoki Seizo Co. The venerable company has been defunct since but is survived by the Daihatsu brand.

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The import scene or import racing scene or tuner scene refers to the subculture that revolves around modifying imported brand cars, especially those of Japanese brands. Car modifying has been popular among youths in the USespecially in Southern Californiasince the days of hot rods in the s and s. There is significant evidence indicating that import drag racing first started in Southern California in the mids, with modified Volkswagen BeetlesFord Populars and Austin A40 Devons : Documentation of quarter-mile passes were published in Hot Rod Magazine as early as August Puerto Rico also has a history of pioneering import drag racing in the mid-'70s and -'80s, and it is still a popular hobby on the island.


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