Braces only on bottom teeth

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Special Offers. Orthodontic treatment is expensive, and often out of reach for the average person. But that doesn't mean you should give up; there are a number of ways to find affordable braces for adults if you know where to look.

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For most, it may not be the most ideal treatment plan. They may already have perfect teeth on one arch and a simple crowding or spacing problem on the other that they would like corrected. Other patients are aware that neither arch is perfect but only one row of teeth bothers them enough to seek orthodontic treatment.

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A common misconception many people have in regards to braces and orthodontic treatment is they are only required when you have crooked teeth or a type of malocclusion. Even if your teeth are mostly straight on the top or bottom, there can be specific reasons why your orthodontist will recommend having braces installed on your top and bottom teeth. Malocclusion is the medical term orthodontists will use to describe different types of conditions regarding your teeth and your smile.

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So if you only need them on your top or bottom teeth, it would make sense to do so, right? We call this a single arch treatment. While single arch treatment can be effective, there re a lot of factors to consider before going with this option.

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Every once in a while, a patient will visit Richard Chan Orthodontics and ask about the possibility of getting braces on the top teeth only or the bottom teeth only. After all, fewer braces or only half of the usual number of Invisalign trays would save money, right? Whether the approach would be cost-effective or if one arch treatment is even a possibility, depends on a number of factors.

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On the surface, it does make sense. Well, it can actually be a lot more complicated than that and there are a variety of factors that come into play with single-arch treatment. Every patient is unique and Dr.

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Back to Healthy body. Around a third of children need orthodontic treatment. Find answers to some common questions about braces and orthodontics.

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Published September 28, in Braces. The most stereotypical of braces is brackets and wires on all of your teeth. This is not, however, the only way that you can get braces.

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Less commonly, someone will visit us who is interested in braces on the bottom teeth only. While single arch treatment can be effective, there are a lot of factors that have to line up for this to be the case, which is why we take the time to evaluate your needs and concerns at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics. Single arch or one-arch treatment involves using braces or Invisalign on just the top teeth or just the bottom teeth but not both.

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Special Offers. A beautiful smile and straight teeth are the dream of every teenager, as well as many adults. Wearing braces isn't the only way to achieve this.


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