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Looking up he saw Damian standing there looking almost out of breath, his blue looking at him like Tim was something delicious to eat. Damian smirked a bit as he marked the tender skin before pulling back and settling back on top of Drake resting his head against the other's pale neck breathing in his scent his arms wrapped around him possessively. Going lower he bit the tones abs carefully. Your review has been posted. Ivy's Toxin had a new delay. Batman looked at Nightwing who slummed to his knees eyes wide behind the mask, his face suddenly flushed his body trembling his mouth falling opened in shock.

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Bruce had to grab Dick before he could break the door down and opened the door rushing in with the panicking hero behind him.

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Teen Titans

Growling Batman knocked her out before scooping up Nightwing and rushing them to the Batwing and back to the cave. Dick went to to freak out causing Tim to jerk awake. It was hot and felt strange but not unpleasant.

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