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All day I had thought about how to get Donna back on my lap for the ride home. After one long sniff I quickly put the panites back to my cock and I came all over them. With that Donna came out of the bathroom wearing a robe. She would bring new bathing suits over to our house to swim and model them for my wife while we sat by the pool. I always wondered what that ass would feel like and now I had my answer.

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Gwendolyn. Age: 22.
fine ass sisters

I was crushed when I realized there was no chance for me to get that fine ass back on my lap for the way home.

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Londyn. Age: 26.
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He reached up and grabbed her tiny tits. I looked down and took the whole scene in: Donna's beautiful ass covered in my come, my loving wife holding her sister's head down on the bed and licking her lips, and Donna still rubbing her clit trying to finish herself off. When my wife and John came back into the kitchen, Donna was bent over, looking in a cabinet for a bowl.

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