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Cheyenne will give you a key to the Sin Shed after recruited. Before upgrading from a version of this mod where an. There's 20 different andro raiders in leveled lists that I hand placed around other fiend spawnpoints. I can only see a benefit from this if creating a custom follower that uses it's own features and maybe some animation to go and unlock a chest or door. Marisol is the only one of the three with a companion wheel. K2AndroExtras adds a lot of leveled androgynous raiders, you need all three of Kendo2's andro mods for it to work right.

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Don't download if you aren't of legal age where you live, or are offended by the content.

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Installation Guide

You will be able to choose whether the player uses a strapon or the other character uses one, or both, and you can hide or unhide vaginal sex topics within the mod. Fallout 3: New Vegas Mod Support. This is in Goodsprings, and it has tons of safe storage, rest bonus enabled beds, crafting stations etc. Requirements: Sexout A pretty new version it uses the latest calls.

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